Corporate Training Programs For Your Company’s Specific Needs

Arete Leadership Group is expert at designing and delivering award-winning corporate leadership programs to companies large and small including McKesson, Cox Communications, GE Energy and many more.  Our flexible approach allows companies to pick from live instructor-led programs & keynotes, customized webinars or online, pre-recorded leadership modules that bring to life today’s most engaging business topics.

Our research has shown that training is most effective when deep, credible content meets dynamic delivery on a schedule that doesn’t disrupt the flow and pressures of the business day.

  • Credible Content.  Our content is credible because it brings to life the lessons from the top business books ever written. We hand pick the books based on guidance from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-sellers lists. Our modules are not ‘abstracts’ or ‘books-on-tape’ but Virtual Lectures that leave the audience with concrete ideas for improvement and success.
  • World-Class Delivery.  Our delivery is world-class because we draw on the speaking abilities of Dr. Paul Voss, Ph.D., an award-winning professor and noted leadership & ethics expert, who brings-to-life the main themes by leveraging his dynamic examples from 2,500-years of liberal arts thought in the areas of Philosophy, Ethics, Literature & Theology.
  • On-Demand Learning.  Our flexible approach to leadership training is our hallmark. We provide clients with programs and modules to fit their diverse needs and deliver on their attendee’s busy schedules.

Below are the three main types of Corporate Training Programs we support:

Large Enterprise Programs

If your company supports a Learning Management System (LMS) platform or online delivery system, we can provide Virtual Book Modules for use in your system. Our content is digitally recorded and can be delivered in a large variety of digital formats.

Alternatively, we can use our, in-house online delivery platform that is powered by Cisco’s WebEx to deliver full-service programs live or via digital recordings. Our platform allows for invitation of attendees, reminders, delivery of content and metrics to track attendance and success.

We have nearly 50 of the top business book titles from the Wall Street Journal’s best-selling list from the most recognizable business authors ever published. You can customize your program by title and size of audience. Cost is determined by the size of your group and the number of books you choose for your program.

Smaller Groups & Individual Training

If you have a smaller group or individual department to train (< 50 attendees) you can join our “General Session” leadership group where we deliver a new book each month on a set schedule. These sessions are delivered live via live Webinar each month and are digitally recorded and emailed to all participants. Additionally, we have a web-based archive so no member ever misses a presentation.

The Titles are delivered on a pre-determined schedule and are amongst the most popular books ever written on the subject of business. Cost is based on an annual membership fee per person and we provide discounts depending on the size of your group.


Blended and Customized Programs

We can customize our training program to your specific corporate needs. Dr. Voss regularly addresses Fortune 500 companies in a Keynote Speaking capacity and can deliver an in-person kickoff presentation to start a program at a company event or live training session.

Additionally, we can integrate company leaders in a pre-recorded introduction or wrap-up session to add company personality, telegraph organizational commitment to the program or to drive follow-up lessons learned.

For smaller companies and individual teams we offer our membership to our Monthly Executive Group.  Attendees meet, virtually, via online seminar at the lunch hour, once per month, to review a top business book from The New York Times Business Best Sellers List.  Dr. Voss reviews the main threads of each book and brings them to life by applying practical lessons from philosopy, ethics, theology and literature to provide members with a foundation for further introspection and practical action steps.